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Website audit

Website Performance Optimization

Our website audit service is a comprehensive analysis of your website that allows you to uncover your site's errors and optimization potential. Our team will analyze your website and provide a detailed report of the errors and opportunities to optimize on all levels your website.

With this, we can help in making website design decisions and you can hire us to fix the problems in your website.

  • Identify issues

  • Usability optimization

  • Conversion rate optimization

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User Experience & User Interface Analysis

Besides esthetic and performance your visitors can interact with your website and perform some desirable actions. After all, you can have the greatest looking, very performant website with the coolest content. If the visitor can not find your buy button or your checkout process is too complicated you will fail to reach your goals.

That is why having an objective opinion about your website is important. There are a lot of different approaches to UI/UX testing including prototyping, user research, and testing iteration just to name a few. But not all business needs to go so far. We can give you sound advice during the audit with our 10 years of experience and marketing background.

  • Functions testing

  • Responsiveness

  • User experience

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Are you aware that about 20% of your traffic comes from users with some sort of disability? It can be low vision or blindness, color blindness, temporary or lasting physical disabilities just to name some.

Our experience is that many websites are difficult to consume in general. Small text, low contrasts, and annoying animations just to name a few issues. For the website owner, it is normal or even cool, but the visitors want to close the tab as soon as possible.

Moreover, depending on the industry and country the accessibility can be obligatory by the government. If your website fails to meet the accessibility standards, you might risk being sued.

  • Easy of navigation without mouse

  • Accessible content with any vision impairments

  • Compliance with regulations

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